How to get a publisher and do you even need one nowadays?

During the first 30 minutes of this session Sabeena Akhtar, Lisa Milton and Helen Thomas will get under the skin of the mysterious world of mainstream publishing. How open is access? What does a publisher do? How can you tell a good one from a bad one? Once you’ve targeted someone how can you get to them, what multitude of sins does “it’s not for me” cover – terrible writing, to I’ve run out of budget, to it’s brilliant but it would do better if you gave it to someone else?

They will also look at the alternatives to mainstream publishing.  Two self-published writers, Simon K Jones and Mandy Stanley, will advise what made them turn to self-publishing and what were the pitfalls & rewards.

After a brief Q&A, the remaining 15-10 minutes of the session will provide an opportunity for the audience to ask for specific individual advice from the 5 panellists.  Just queue up in front of the person who you’d like to ask a question.