The Berlin busker from Iceland who sold her new dance song to Esprit before it was even released. But don’t go expecting a guitar and mic this time. ROKKY self-released her debut dance track, My Lips after it was picked up for an Esprit advert in August 2018. ““My Lips” is a too-cool-for-school dance party banger that has a lash of Marie Davidson and a smudge of Miss Kittin.” said John Rogers for the Reykjavík Grapevine. ROKKY started performing her music as a busker in Berlin with her guitar and mic. “It’s the best way to find out whether people like your music and whether you can hold an audience.” ROKKY says. Her first EP will be released this year. In the studio, she’s pursuing electronic music, as she would like “people to dance with me!”. ROKKY was born in England to Icelandic parents and lived in Iceland for a few years as a teenager, but has spent most of her adult life in Berlin where she now lives.