• Professor Kate Williams on Mary, Queen of Scots.

  • Alexa, While You’re Down There—the view from science fiction and tech experts including Doteveryone’s Rachel Coldicutt on the future that’s being built and how to shape it

  • Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t—a discussion on motherhood

  • Her Breasts Preceded Her into the Room—can men write women?

  • A panel on Killing Eve with its author Luke Jennings

  • Make Sioned Laugh. That’s Sioned Wiliam, Radio 4’s commissioning editor for comedy and one of the Primadonnas. Open to aspiring comedians and comedy writers to try their luck in a 3-minute open-mic session

  • How to Think and What to Do to Make your Writing Dreams Come True. Masterclass with Sophie Hannah, crime writer and founder of the Dream Author Coaching programme for writers

This is just the start! Keep an eye out for many more exciting announcements!