Lawrence Davies LLM is the CEO at Equal Justice Solicitors, "UK Discrimination Law firm of the Year (2016)". They have secured probably the second highest discrimination award this century and a £8.5 million settlement, and have pioneered "affordable representation" to better enable their clients to afford the fight for justice.

Lawrence and EJS have run thousands of discrimination and whistle-blowing claims including high profile matters against: the Sun newspaper (racist articles); HSBC (their first race defeat); Met Police; HBOS (first £15m plus sexism claim); various Governments, and more.

Some of their innovative work includes the first ever: unfair retirement claim; discrimination by email claim; equal pay for black worker claim; age discrimination for being too young claim; national security based ET claim; racial harassment by media articles claim.

Lawrence himself has won a Lifetime Achievement award (2018) from the National Black Police Association, and has been called "A champion for whistle-blowers" (Sunday Times), and "A lifeline for race victims" (the Observer).