We all know that writers are generally interested in life, the universe and everything, if only for source material… so please do check out our other programming pages For The Curious and For Fun, but here’s the programming that we have shaped to support, stimulate & delight those of you who are already writing or hope to do so. We haven’t yet worked out the final schedule so we don’t know when these are going to take place so do check back nearer the time and we’ll publish the actual schedule. Remember all events are included in the price of a ticket, other than private relaxation therapies. We’ll be announcing more events over the next few weeks so stay tuned for updates!

Make Sioned Laugh

This is an unparalleled opportunity for all aspiring comedians, comedy writers and performers to present scripted or unscripted material to tease a laugh (or at least a giggle) out of Radio 4’s Commissioning Editor for Comedy, Sioned Wiliam. For information and how to participate, see the webpage.

Young Adult Fiction: Changing the Story

In literature and in life, women of the past and present have a million stories that are untold, mistold or unheard. We hear from Kit de Waal and Kiran Millwood Hargrave, the first authors to be published by Hachette’s newly launched Bellatrix series: a collection of gripping, powerful and diverse YA novels by leading female voices. Kit and Kiran will discuss the classic stories they have reimagined from HER perspective.

Sophie Hannah Masterclass for Writers – How to Think and What to Do To Make Your Writing Dreams Come True.

Not only has Sophie been entrusted with the Poirot legacy as a crime writer, she’s the founder of the Dream Author Coaching programme for writers and she’ll be bringing a two hour masterclass to Primadonna for all aspiring writers. Come with pencil sharpened, notepad at the ready and fill yourself with knowledge.

Writers' Round Table sponsored by ed public relations

Writers' Round Table sponsored by ed public relations

Getting It Write

How do you write, how do you check your writing, how do you find an agent & publisher and how on earth do you get a break? Some of the biggest names in publishing including Lennie Goodings, Sarah Winman, Shona Abhyankar, Louise Doughty, Sinead Gleeson, Sabrina Mahfouz will lead a discussion, with plenty of time for audience participation, to share tips and celebrate or commiserate over experiences, good and bad.

Primadonna Surgeries

Most, if not all of the Primadonnas, as well as some of our special guests from the world of publishing, will be holding surgeries over the course of the weekend. Click through to see the full schedule and plan your questions!

How to get a publisher and do you even need one nowadays?

During the first 30 minutes of this session Sabeena Akhtar, Lisa Milton and Helen Thomas will get under the skin of the mysterious world of mainstream publishing. They will also look at the alternatives to mainstream publishing with two self-published writers, Simon K Jones and Mandy Stanley. After a brief Q&A, the remaining 15-10 minutes of the session will provide an opportunity for the audience to ask for specific individual advice from the 5 panellists.  Just queue up in front of the person who you’d like to ask a question.

Getting an agent:  the first line challenge

Hear some experts give you their advice on how to find an agent and what to look for.  Is it a case of “any agent will do”?  At what point should you give up?  Will any of them get past the first sentence of writing?  Then take the first line challenge – bring the first sentence from your book and get instant feedback from our panel of experts: Joanna Baker, Sara Sarre, Elise Dillsworth, Charlotte Seymour, and Abi Fellows.

Writing Challenges

Every day we’ll be setting writing challenges for you.  Just to get the juices going. Come and collect your challenge, find a quiet spot to be creative and then share your oeuvre with the masses via the open mic slot, (or get someone else to !).

Writers’ toolkit sessions

We’ll be running a whole pile of sessions for writers (and in fact non-writers too) over the weekend which will focus on creating a great mindset for writing. This will include conquering imposters syndrome, procrastination, confidence building and creating space to able to write. Leave Primadonna refreshed, inspired and energised to go forth and create! Any sessions which we think will be providing particularly good tips for writers will have this writers’ tool kit sign ‘WTK’ next to them on the programme.

Writers’ toolkit with the National Centre for Writing

As part of our Writers’ toolkit, you can join National Centre for Writing’s Lora Stimson and learn more about the organisation’s development opportunities. Lora will answer your questions and lead a conversation around resilience and self-doubt, looking at ways to move forwards with your work.

Readings from the Primadonna Prize Shortlist

The five writers shortlisted for the inaugural Primadonna Prize for unpublished and unrepresented authors (names to be announced on July 25) will read out their entries on the theme of Primadonna (or, if too shy to do so, a Primadonna will happily oblige). We’ve already seen all the entries and we can tell you: the shortlist is going to be ridonkulously strong.