All Primadonnas must know in advance just what to expect when attending a weekend festival in Suffolk. Fear not! We have all the bases covered. Don’t forget to check out the map and the food & drink menus as well!

Loos & Showers

Yes there are loos and showers! Although it is much more fun to get into the festival spirit by accumulating as many layers of dirt as possible so as to really enjoy that fabulous post-festival bath when you get home.

Phone charging point

We wouldn’t expect anyone to go a full 48 hours without charging something, so there will be a phone charging point.


We’re going rural here - no light pollution and plenty of rabbit holes - so if you’re camping make sure you have a torch!


At the moment the forecast looks to be in the low-twenties (perfect festival weather!), but it is still England so make sure you have a warm coat for the evening chill (or prepare to dance the cold away in the DJ shed!)


There will be opportunities to pay by card but it will be quicker and easier to use cash.


We are an outdoor site so it would help us massively if you could let us know of any specific requirements you have so that we can properly accommodate you primadonnafestival@gmail.com.

If you think you might need some mobility aids while you're here we'd suggest you pre-book with Barton Bikes who can be reached on 01449677195 or on bartonbikes@yahoo.com.  They will deliver scooters, wheelchairs and other aids to the festival site ready for your arrival and will pick them up at the end of the weekend.

There will be some wheelbarrows to move camping gear, and some chairs available, but if you have specific requirements please feel free to bring your own.

Anything else

If you forget anything or have any questions or issues when you’re on site, please go to the production office (labelled on our nifty map).