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A festival celebrating brilliant writing

Primadonna is a new and inclusive festival celebrating the creative community, giving prominence to work by women and introducing fresh voices alongside famous names in a fun and welcoming environment. Join us in the beautiful surroundings of Suffolk for an entire weekend of eclectic festivities, from interviews, panels, spoken-word performances and workshops, to live music, films and food.

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August 30th, 31st and September 1st 2019






A series of one-on-one Q&As with some of the most exciting writing talents around—whether established or new—and with key figures from publishing, media and entertainment. 


Informative , entertaining and challenging panels covering everything from topics such as “Can Men Write Women?” to the nuts and bolts of getting publishing or bringing a book to screen.


Not just a series of sound bites but an opportunity for deep dives into big themes and issues.  These will be scheduled with plenty of time for audience participation.


Surgeries will be running throughout the festival with the PrimaDonnas who will be available to give advice based on their expertise and experience.   


We’ll be bringing you the best of local talent and names from further afield plus some music industry-insider “tips for the top”.



Audience participation

We know you don’t want to just listen, but some of you want to get involved!   We’ll be running daily writing challenges & open mic opportunities for everyone.

Arts & crafts

We know that being creative is good for the soul, so we will be running arts and crafts workshops across the weekend.


We’re excited that we’ll be bringing you some of the new upcoming comedy writers and performers, as well as some familiar faces.



Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome - to the Primadonna caberet. A selection of the entertaining and perhaps risqué!


Reconnect with yourself by grabbing a massage, some music therapy or other essential indulgences.


We’ll be running a film shed thoughout Primadonna with something for everyone.  We’ll also be bringing back (for those of you who’ve been to our other festivals) the late night campfire film – a silent film with live music accompaniment screened outside by the campfire.


Dance yourself dizzy in the late night disco shed. Different sets will feature different genres Friday and Saturday nights.

Food & drink

We are what we eat, and all of the food available at Primadonnna has been selected to give you best value for money and the most delicious options including vegan and gluten free.  Our festivals are known for their delicious food.   Our beers and ciders have the lowest food mileage of any festival – they will have travelled all of 5 miles to get here.

Kids policy

Our policy is not to have separate kids areas because, for some of us, weekends are a great opportunity to hang out with our children.   Instead we make sure that there is always something happening that kids will enjoy.


More than anything, what we will be creating at Primadonna is a community.  By the end of the weekend you will have met and made friends with loads of like-minded people.   If you’re camping you will have borrowed or lent tent pegs.   You will have made each other a cup of tea, or shared your secret stash of donuts.  If you’re travelling to and from the Pentahotel in Ipswich you will have made friends on the minibus.  You will certainly have swapped email address, phone numbers and arranged to meet up again.


In our first year we will be operating to a capacity of 1,000, although we hope to be podcasting much of the festival far and wide to make the event as accessible as possible.  It’s going to be a truly special event, one that people will be saying “I was there” for years to come – so don’t leave it too late to buy your tickets if you’d like to join us in person.